Q: Is my daily ticket refundable?
A: No. It is valid only for the selected day.
Q: Can I use my daily ticket in the morning, leave the site and come back in the afternoon?
A:Yes, your ticket is valid for the whole day and your wristband will allow you to re-enter the site.
Q: Is access free for children 12 and under?
A: Yes, for residents of Lac-Beauport.
Q: Are there discounts for residents of Lac-Beauport?
A: Yes. Residents of Lac-Beauport have 10% off daily access and equipment rental. (Subject to presenting proof of residence and obtaining official access.)
Q: I have accommodation at the Maelstrom: is my daily ticket included?
A: No, you must purchase your daily ticket on our website and collect your bracelet at the reception.


Q: Do you have children's bikes?

A: Yes. We have 20-24 and 27.5 inch bikes for beginners in the summer. And 2 fatbikes for children in winter.

Q: What protective equipment do you rent?

A: We have helmets, knee pads and elbow pads.

Q: Can I use my rental bike to go elsewhere?

A: No. The rental bike must be used at Sentiers du Moulin.

Q: If you close, do I lose my reservation?

A: No. If we have to close the site, you can change the date of your reservation or be reimbursed.

Q: The weather forecast is bad, I prefer to postpone my rental, is it possible?

A: Yes, provided you do so within 48 hours before your reservation. To do so, contact us at 418 849-9652.

Q: I want to book a bike today but I can't do it on your site. How to do ?

A: Contact us at 418 849-9652, extension 2 and we will proceed according to the availability of bicycles.

Q: Can I show up on site to rent a bike?

A: Yes. Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee the availability of the bike that suits you without prior reservation.

Electric bikes:

Q: What types of e-bikes are allowed on your trails?

A: Quebec mountain bike centers only accept “class 1” electric bikes equipped with a “pedal” motor. To be part of class 1 as an eMTB, we are talking about a bike with a speed limit of 32 km / hour. Thus, when reaching this speed, the motor immediately ceases all electrical assistance. In class 2 (prohibited on the trails), there is a bike that has the same speed limit, the assistance of which is generated via a lever on the handlebars without requiring pedal strokes from the user.

Clothing, protections and risks

Q: What protective gear is required?

A: Wearing a helmet is mandatory at all times to access the mountain bike and fat-bike trails, as well as to access the off-trail ski area.

During your mountain bike outing, it is strongly recommended to use additional protections such as knee protectors, elbow protectors and back protectors.

Q: What type of clothing should I wear for my visit to the trails?

A: In preparation for your visit to our trails, first find out about the weather conditions and plan your clothing and equipment accordingly.

Mountain biking and hiking:

Provide a backpack for carrying essential items such as water bottle, food, cell phone, troubleshooting tools such as levers, pumps and inner tubes.

You should wear sports sneakers and prioritize light clothing such as shorts and t-shirts made of synthetic materials rather than cotton. Bring a windbreaker for cool days and sunglasses for sunny days! Don't forget your sunscreen either.

Winter sports:

Prioritize successive layers and avoid cotton! Provide a backpack for carrying essential items such as a water bottle, food, cell phone and a change of clothes. On a fat-bike, the feet and hands are particularly vulnerable to the cold, bring warm boots and good gloves. In general, having a front light in your backpack can be very useful.

Q: Does the practice of outdoor sports involve risks?

A: The practice of the activities offered at Les Sentiers du moulin takes place in semi-natural or natural environments, possibly rugged, which, consequently, are further away from medical services.

There could be a response time during an emergency requiring evacuation (rescue) and, consequently, a possible aggravation of the injured person's condition that could lead to death.

The risks include those described below, but are not limited to them. By accessing our trails, you accept the nature of these risks as an integral part of the activity, as well as the consequences that may result.

Usual risks inherent in the activity:

  • Sloping and uneven terrain, with little or no apparent obstacles, where a person can get lost or find themselves in a dangerous situation;
  • Falling debris caused naturally or by other users;
  • Rapidly changing weather conditions without warning signs;
  • Negligent behavior on the part of other users;
  • Wild animals;
  • An injury caused by an impact or a fall against a stubborn object or obstacle (branches, equipment, etc.);
  • An injury caused by movement (sprain, strain, fracture, etc.);
  • Injury resulting from accidental or non-accidental impact with another participant;
  • Hypothermia.
  • A heatstroke.

Parking and or camping

Q: My vehicle is 22 feet not including the rack. Is it accepted?
A: Yes. We simply take into account the length of your vehicle and ask that you fold up your rack when parked.
Q: Can I park my trailer?
A: No, you are not allowed to park with your vehicle + your trailer.
Q: Can I come with my trailer?
A: No, you cannot come with a trailer.
Q: Can we camp in the parking lot?
A: No, overnight parking is prohibited at all times at Sentiers du Moulin.
Q: Where are the nearest campsites?
A : Où sont les campings les plus proches ?


Q: Can I ride outside the opening hours of the site?
A: No, riding outside opening hours is prohibited.
Q: What are the opening hours of La Buvette du Moulin?
A: Our restaurant is open every day the trails are open from 10:00.

Become a volunteer and/or patroller

Q: How do I become a trail volunteer?
A: How? You are fit and like outdoor work: join our team of volunteers! You will thus participate in the maintenance of the trails as well as in the development of the Sentiers du moulin site. Your help is invaluable to us and we appreciate your interest in development. To do this, contact us directly via our Facebook group “dig sdm”. https://www.facebook.com/groups/420902644937177
Q: Can I become a patroller?
A: How? Yes, as long as you have first aid training (CPR) of 16 hours or more. If so and you are a lifeguard at heart, contact Mario, our safety coordinator: mturgeon@sentiersdumoulin.com


Q: Are dogs allowed on site?
A: Yes, dogs are accepted, they must be kept on a leash at all times.
Q: Can I go on the trails with my dog?
A: No, but they are only accepted on snowshoe/hiking trails and must be kept on a leash at all times.
Q: Are dogs allowed on the terrace?
A: No, dogs do not have access to the terrace or the main building.